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Newborn & Baby Sessions £30

My newborn and baby portrait sessions are designed to be very relaxed and take place in my newly opened studio, which is located in Hope Street, Crook in County Durham. Throughout the session we work around the needs of your baby, there are no problems if you need to take a break for feeds, nappy changes and anything else that your baby may require so that they feel calm and secure throughout.

Our portrait service includes:

  • A telephone consultation to discuss your requirements
  • Time and talent of the photographer
  • 1 - 2 hour photo session at the studio
  • Up to 25 carefully edited photographs to choose from
  • A slideshow viewing in my studio with the chance to place your orders.

A full list of services and prices can be viewed here.

Please note that the session price does not include prints but covers the time and talent of the photographer only.